You ARE Good Enough! Finding Your Worth In God


You Are Good Enough. Think About That For A Moment.

You are good enough for God to have reached out to you and made a way for you to be saved. The world may tell you that you are not pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough or good enough to be noticed, but the God of Creation reached down and pointed directly at you and said, “You are mine.” No matter what the world tells you or what mistakes you have made in the past, finding your worth in God means that you are able to overcome the past and believe in yourself.   The Parker Valley sisters found out that no matter what type of mistakes they made, God was willing to forgive them.

There are many ways we are told every day that we are not worthy. The world seems determined to beat each of us down and break our spirits. Unfortunately, the world is often successful. Many people grow up, live and die feeling that they do not matter. What a tragedy that so many people miss the message that God is sending to the world: you do matter. You are good enough. You are worthy because of the blood of Christ that redeems you.

On our own, we cannot be good enough to merit salvation. In that much, the world is correct. Our past sins and mistakes make us unworthy to step into the presence of the living, perfect Lord. However, God loved us enough to make a way for us to atone for our past sins and become perfect in His sight. That way was through his son, Jesus. When Christ died on the cross, He paid the penalty for our sins. Now, we are worthy!

Just like the Parker Valley sisters, it is important that you learn how valuable you are to Christ. Finding your worth in God is not necessarily an easy process when you may have spent your life feeling unworthy. However, the Bible teaches that no matter what your past sins, you are worth it to God. We could spend the rest of eternity pondering that one amazing fact. You are worth the life of His only Son!

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