What is the Opposite of Being a Proverbs 31 Woman?

Proverbs 31:19 “She layeth her hands to the spindle,
and her hands hold the distaff.”

Getting rid of laziness at all costs is an important goal in your life.  Did you know that the opposite of the Proverbs 31 woman might be said to be “lazy?”  After all, while her character is praised in the early verses, most of the passage has to do with the fact that she is industrious and cares for the needs of her family.  A hard working woman is one that puts the needs of others before her own.  In the Parker Valley series, Sondra learns the value of being industrious when it comes to keeping her family together.

The picture in verse 19 of Proverbs 31 is of a woman who is spinning thread from wool or flax.  The spindle and distaff were tools used to spin before the spinning wheel was invented.  The woman would hold the distaff against her shoulder with the wool or other fibers wound around it.  At the same time, she would turn the spindle, drawing up the fibers and winding them to make thread.  This was a tedious and laborious process that required great concentration.  However, the woman in the verses does not hesitate; she employs the spindle and holds the distaff at the same time, meaning that she is taking on the job of spinning thread to make clothing for her family.

The picture in Proverbs 31 of the hard working woman is timeless, even though we no longer use a spindle and distaff to make clothing.  In the Parker Valley series, Sondra finds that her “spindle and distaff” comes in the form of other types of work that she must do in order to keep her family together.  It is important for us as women to be aware of our work demands and what we must do to keep our families healthy, safe and happy.  Just like Sondra and the woman in Proverbs, we must be willing to do the tedious day-to-day work as well as the fun and exciting work necessary to glorify God through our lives and our families.

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