In Time of Struggle, Family is Key

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When Things Go Wrong, Where Do You Turn?

Who supports you through the difficult times in your life?  Who do you feel will always be there, guiding and supporting you no matter how far away you may roam?  Many of us fight with our families and at times feel that we can do just as well without them.  However, it is unwise to try to do everything on your own.  Do not push your loved ones away!  Whether you are related by blood or not, family is key in your support system in any time of struggle.   Fortunately, as Christians, we have more than one family.  We have our relatives whom God has placed in our life to help us as well as the Church’s body of believers and, of course, our heavenly Father.

The story of the Parker Sisters is one of the importance of family.  The sisters soon discover that without each other, they would be unable to face the perils life brings.  In fact, the sisters are faced with the simple fact that without family, they would never overcome the terrible struggles they face.  For example, Sondra is determined to keep her family’s ranch, but faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Without her sisters’ help, she might have given up!  Jennifer has made some terrible choices in life but knows that when she turns to her sisters, they will not only forgive her but will help her find a way to overcome the problems and return to the path God has set for her life.

Family is key in any time of struggle.  While we rely on our earthly family, we also have a heavenly family that supports us as well!  Not only do we have the love and support of the Church on this earth, but we have the Holy Spirit to guide us.  God’s word promises that He will never leave us or forsake us, and that he has sent the Comforter to us to help us in our earthly struggles.  When we are in trouble, we can turn to our earthly family, our Church family and our heavenly Father who will always be there to guide and support us.

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