Help and Guidance Through Fiction


Do you find yourself getting lost in a fictional story?

If so, you are not alone.  Many people enjoy reading, but for some of us, losing ourselves in an imaginary story is the best possible way to deal with issues in our own lives.  We find help, hope and guidance by studying the lives of those that never were.  In some cases, this helps our minds to cope with some of the realities in our own lives.  Finding help and guidance through fiction is not unusual or strange; in fact, Candace Mann, the author of the Parker Valley series of books, says that she wrote these stories in the hope that the books would inspire and help those who read them.

“Sometimes getting, lost in a fictional story is the best way to allow your mind to cope with some of the realities in your own life,” says Mann, whose Parker Valley series includes Parker Sisters: Sondra, Parker Sisters: Jennifer and her newest book, Parker Sisters: Claira.  “I encourage you to read my Parker Valley series – Sondra, Jennifer, and the third installment – Claira.  It is my fervent hope and prayer that these books will allow you to see that there is help and hope for the heartbreak in your life.”

While Candace Mann’s Parker Valley series offers help and guidance through fiction, there is also another way that we can find hope for desperate times.  God’s word continues to reach out to us across the ages with its timeless message.  Christ is our hope through life’s struggles, and striving to emulate Him and live a life worthy of his calling is the goal we should all have.  When life gets hard, it is great to get away from our troubles with the help of a good book like the story of the Parker Valley sisters.  However, seeking help through God’s word should also be our first line of defense when life gets difficult.  Picking up the Bible should be our immediate response to all life’s problems.  When you immerse yourself in God’s word, you will find that fictional stories like the ones about the Parker Valley sisters simply highlight the importance of living a life dedicated to Christ.

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