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The Parker Sisters – Trusting

A must read for all brides and brides to be…

You are invited to embark on an eventful journey with the four lovely Parker sisters as together they face a challenging and uncertain future.

After the untimely and tragic death of their parents in a plane crash, the devastated young girls are confronted with financial struggles that jeopardize the ownership of their beloved Parker Valley Ranch.

The first instalment of the Parker Sisters series, Trusting, will captivate your heart! You will follow the personal struggles of the oldest daughter, Sondra, who single-handedly, yet unsuccessfully, tries to secure the family ranch, before receiving help from an unlikely source – a mysterious and handsome stranger from out East.

Set in the vast ranch lands of Central Texas, Sondra learns the important lessons in life by putting her trust in God and allowing her heart to be vulnerable in love that will affect her destiny and the future of Parker Valley Ranch. Her fiery and independent spirit will be put to the test in the hands of the Master.

As you read this compelling saga, The Parker Sisters – Trusting will inspire you to push through the obstacles that lay before you. You will also gain insights into commitment, covenant relationships, and the true meaning of love!

The Parker Sisters – Redemption

Can one decision change your life? A Story of God’s Mercy and Restoration Power

The Parker Sisters – Redemption, is the second instalment in the compelling Parker Sisters series by Candace Jane Mann. This riveting story relates the heartaches that the youngest of the four sisters, Jennifer, faces because of poor choices in her life. But, as she endures and suffers the consequences of her bad decisions, God’s grace and His redemptive purposes in her life and those around her become evident.

The Parker Sisters – Redemption demonstrates that we don’t have to become a victim of our past. If we seek God’s purpose and plan for our lives with all our hearts, He will reveal the pathway towards fulfilling our divine destinies.

Jennifer’s independent and fiery personality makes her an endearing figure as she walks out her life with determination and purpose, seeking approval and love.

Embark on this compelling series and journey with the Parker sisters as they struggle to find their place in an uncertain future and gain rich insights, as God’s inevitable plan unfolds in their lives.

The Parker Sisters – Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams and catch the stars…God’s abundant faithfulness and favour revealed.

When Claira meets the famous fashion designer Gabriella, her life on a Texas ranch becomes a blur as she is thrown into the glamour and glitz of the fashion industry. Her childhood dream of becoming a designer is fulfilled, but will she count the cost? Will she find love or will the love of her work be enough to fill the lonely hours?

After a tragic car accident, will Claira’s sister Jennifer recover enough to realize that the love of her life is at her fingertips? Love and forgiveness follow the path where God leads and this takes her on a journey that will fulfill her every need.

The Parker sisters’ struggles continue after the tragic death of their parents in a plane crash over the Rockies, as they learn how to survive and pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, leaning on the life lessons they have all learned. Follow your dreams and learn how to fly…

The Parker Sisters – Follow Your Dreams
is the third engaging installment in the Parker Sisters series.

The Parker Sisters – United

“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped
for, the evidence of things not seen.”
– Heb.11:11

After grieving the death of their parents in a place crash over the Rocky Mountains, the Parker Sisters literally hung on to the garment of faith to pull them through their grief.

After one phone call, could it be possible that their mother and father could have survived the crash? That one instant could change their destiny. We all reach and pray for that glimmer of hope.

Take a journey with the Lord, Trusting in his Redeeming Love, Following your Dreams and be United with
Faith and Hope for the future.

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