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Candace jane Mann
Candace Jane Mann is an author who has written a series of four books called “The Parker Sisters”.  She is a licensed Christian Councilor and her desire is to see the Body of Christ healed and restored to its potential glory.  She has also written a book called “Heal the Broken Hearted” with Varvah Allan, her mentor and lifelong friend.

Candace is married to her loving husband Michael and has two children and seven grandchildren.  She lives in Carrying Place, Ontario and Boynton Beach Florida where her daughter Lisa and her husband Marcus live.  Her son Jeff is a writer and ministers to the Body of Christ in Key West Florida.

My Story

I met the Lord when I was at the tender age of 13. His light in my life was so bright that I was changed immediately.  My sins were forgiven and I began to walk the life He had for me.  I was the youngest daughter of four girls, to my parents Shirley and Russell Kelley.  My father was in the Airforce in Canada and we moved many times during the course of my life.  It was difficult at first but soon it became my journey.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that God was preparing me for all the moves I would make in my adult life.  Change was inevitable and I was being conditioned for it.

I met my wonderful husband in tenth grade in High School.  He was my prince charming and when he asked me to marry him at eighteen I knew that my life would be filled with adventure and excitement, and I wasn’t disappointed.

A few years later we were gifted with a beautiful baby girl and soon after that an awesome baby boy.  I felt we had a millionaire’s family. We couldn’t have been more delighted. Since then both my children have grown into strong believers of my Lord and Savior. My heart was full.

My passion was my husband and my children, but soon it became writing stories. It was with my daughter Lisa’s encouragement to finish some of the stories that I had been writing years ago but were put on the back burner for more pressing matters.  My son Jeff was a very talented writer and his encouragement spurred me on even more.

My passion then turned to God’s hurting people.  After undergoing a series of events in my life that caused discouragement and depression, when I felt I couldn’t measure up to the potential that I thought I was given.  I met with a secular councilor but all that taught me was how the world thought and not what God thought about our problems and how to handle them.  It was then that I decided I needed to learn more about what God thought.  With years of training I became a student of the word and a Christian Councilor, so I could help people come out of the world and into God’s kingdom.

My love for His people became a fervent desire to see them whole, spiritually and physically.  God has shown me miracles of healing and restoration, and as God prepares the heart of His people it is up to us to help them see His Glory so He can restore their brokenness to newness of life.  I pray that God will use me as a tool to bring His People back to Him.   I am blessed to be part of the Kingdom of God.

I write these stories to help people understand the significant part that God has in solving the problems we face every day.  I pray that you are blessed and come to know how much God loves you.

Candace Jane Mann


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