Surround Yourself With Scripture

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In Order To Understand God’s Word, It Is Important To Read God’s Word.

This does not just mean a few verses on Sunday before the sermon; it means delving into God’s word on a daily basis. The amount you reach each day does not matter so much as the fact that you think about what you are reading and let it saturate your heart and your mind. In order to truly integrate the Scripture into your life, I can offer you some suggestions for making the Bible a part of your deepest being.

Repetition. Reading each and every day makes Bible study a habit, and habits become a part of who we are. Do not skip around; take some time each day to reach the Bible, even if it is only for five minutes. Early mornings work well for many people, but you can also study after the kids leave for school or in the evening before you go to bed.
Surround yourself with printed reminders of Scripture. Base your décor around Scripture art and you will always have constant reminders of your studies. You can even make your own Scripture art and hang it in conspicuous places, like next to your bed, in the kitchen where you cook each day or on your desk. Try to place the Scriptures where you need them most: in places where you tend to look for guidance or feel sad or afraid. If you are battling a specific issues, print out some Scripture that deals with that problem and hang it prominently.
Use your wait time. If you are facing a long wait in line, why not pop out your reader and study some Scripture? You can use this method when you are waiting in your car at the bank, waiting to pick up the kids from school or waiting in the dentist’s office. It is an easy way to maximize your Scripture reading time.
Listen to music. With so much great Christian music out there, this is an easy and fun way to get more Scripture into your life! Additionally, many people find that learning a song helps them commit Scripture to memory much more readily than rote memorization.

When you surround yourself with Scripture, you are sure to benefit from your study!

Titus 2 Women

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Titus 2: But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.
Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance.…

Being a younger Christian woman in today’s society is difficult.  Face it:  our society does not always prize the sober, sensible and dignified demeanor advocated by Titus 2!  Instead, young women who are loud, brassy, unashamed of their own sin and aggressive seem to get a great deal of attention from the media.  This means that young women are receiving a conflicting message:  we want you to be feminine but we also want you to be aggressive.  The two do not necessarily work together, so many young women are left wondering why they are so unhappy.

God’s plan for us is always good and right.  God gives us His guidelines for behavior and when we follow them, good things tend to happen.  When we go against them, we tend to bring problems on ourselves.  Therefore, young Christian women have a blueprint for a happy and productive life:  pay attention to what the Scripture says.  You do not have to be a “doormat,” but you should also be considering your role carefully in the context of God’s plan for you.  There is no room in a godly woman’s life for promiscuity, anger, aggression and resentment—the hallmarks of many of today’s “leaders.”

How can we help our young Christian women become Godly examples?  For one thing, if you know any young Christian women at your church or in your family, seek them out and offer your friendship and support.  Young women benefit from watching the example of older women, so you can set that example with your own behavior.  If you have daughters, teach them the lessons of the Bible diligently.  These are all things you can do to support young Christian women of your acquaintance and make it easier for them to live godly, Scripture-based lives.

Young women, take heart:  God has a plan for you and His word is always right!  Follow the precepts that He gives in the Bible and you can never go wrong.

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